Product design and development for software integrations

Add new capabilities to your product and launch three times faster than you would on your own

Increase Value

Find ways to deliver new customer value or grow revenue with software integrations.

Deliver Faster

Launch new integrations in weeks instead of months and don't get stuck on surprises.

Build More

Leverage our team of developers who have built these integrations many times before.

Who We Are

Our team has hands-on experience developing software products. We have founded our own startups and have been part of the journey of fast-growing companies. 

We understand how important it is to deliver new functionality within the given time and we know how to find the balance between the creating perfect experience and launching a first version to start collecting feedback.

At Connected Product, we deliver a business result: a new revenue stream, better user adoption, a new distribution channel. Product Development is part of that, but we also look at the user experience, customer narrative, and growth opportunities. 

Nobody needs an integration that is not being used. We deliver impact.

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Vincent Jong (CEO)

Examples of integrations we have done

Our Services

We're here to guide you from the first idea of an integration, to finding the right partner and delivering a product that your customers love.

Strategy Formulation

Come up with a business strategy for the intended integration that contributes to your bottom line.

Project Management

Deliver on time, make better scoping decisions, and adapt rapdily when unexpected situations arise.

Partner Selection

Assess the pros and cons of each integration partner and choose the one that can add the most value. 

Product Development 

Leapfrog the learning curve on integrations with our team of developers who have gone through the pitfalls.

Marketing Enablement

Provide marketing and sales with the knowledge and collateral to get this in the hands of customers.

Launch Guidance

Involve your customers early on in the process, gather success stories, and roll the new product out successfully.

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